Registration is now open for Academic Year 2012-2013.

Be one of the first Filipinos to attend Grade 11 and to have a career before going to college!


Welcome to The Manila Times College School of Journalism, the only school of journalism that offers a Junior College for high school graduates who want to become professional journalists even without a college degree.

The Manila Times College is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Manila Times, the Philippines’ oldest newspaper.

The Manila Times College, in cooperation with Asia-Pacific College, Don Bosco Technical Institute, and the Business Processing Association of the Philippines, also prepares its students to pursue a career other than journalism in a business processing outsourcing company, such as a call center, a medical transcription facility, or a publishing company.

The Manila Times College has an excellent record of having its A.B. Journalism graduates employed in major media networks within two months of graduation.  Our record is comforting enough to say that you will have an excellent chance of being gainfully employed before you go to college or while you are going to college.

These are the admission requirements:

  1. You must be a high school graduate.  (Submit a certified copy of your diploma and transcript of records.)
  2. You must have good health.  (Submit a medical certificate from any of the following hospitals:  The Manila Times College Subic, Asian, Cardinal Santos, Chinese General, FEU-NRMF, Makati Medical, Manila Doctors, Medical Center Manila, Medical City, Ospital ng Maynila, Philippine General Hospital, San Juan de Dios, St. Luke’s, UERMM, UST.)
  3. Your English proficiency must be above average.  (Submit a three-page essay on the topic: “Why I Want To Be a Journalist.”)
  4. You must be willing to spend a lot of time and energy to keep the public informed about the truth.  (Submit a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers or from your pastor or priest, attesting to your good moral character.)
  5. Your parents or guardians must know about your ambition to be a journalist.  (Since you are not yet 18 years old, your parents or guardians will have to sign a waiver allowing the school to assign you to different places in Metro Manila to gather news.  The school will exert every effort, of course, to keep you safe while you are doing on-the-job training.)

CONTACT US: (63)(2) 5245665 local 114 or themanilatimescollege@gmail.com

Jump start your career at The Manila Times College!

Read your byline in the newspaper. Hear your voice on the radio. See yourself on TV. Become a confident professional, even before you graduate.

The Manila Times College School of Journalism is the only school that:

  • works in partnership with a prestigious broadsheet, The Manila Times, trusted since 1898
  • is run by professional media practitioners
  • offers on-the-job-training from Day One
  • allows you to learn from the country’s top journalists 
  • provides opportunities for you to publish and broadcast your work, locally and internationally
  •  makes sure that you graduate as a pro!

Under the leadership of veteran writer and educator Dr. Isagani R. Cruz, The Manila Times School of Journalism is quickly becoming the most innovative and responsive center of journalism education in the Philippines.




If you are a high school senior looking for a career that will not only give you a living but will help the country, consider enrolling in the A.B. Journalism program of The Manila Times College.  All the graduates so far of this program found employment within two months of their graduation.  Some found part-time employment even while they were still studying.

The program consists of academic training in journalism and practical apprenticeship in The Manila Times.  You will be writing and publishing news, features, special reports, and other types of journalism even while you are still in school.  In addition, you will be handling programs in Teleradyo TMTC even before you graduate.


If you are a sophomore student taking up A.B. Mass Communication or any related field in any college or university, consider doing your apprenticeship with The Manila Times College.  We offer an intensive program guaranteed to make you immediately employable in any major media outlet both in the Philippines and abroad.

The program consists of two summers of full-time training and two years of monitored training; these are the summers before and after your third year and the weekends of your third and fourth years.  Depending on the program that you choose, you will be writing and publishing Special Reports for The Manila Times and/or broadcasting over Teleradyo TMTC while you are still in college.


If you have finished high school, are between 16 to 18 years old, and are not sure if you want to earn an undergraduate degree, consider enrolling in the Junior College of The Manila Times College, meant to train you to get a job in major media outfits.

We offer Grades 11 and 12 of the K-12 program, with particular emphasis on writing skills in either or both English and Filipino, knowledge and experience in newspaper work, and opportunities to see your name in print.


If you are already working in media but lack academic credentials, consider enrolling in the Senior College of The Manila Times College.  We will work within your schedule, without sacrificing academic rigor and course requirements.

Your teachers will be acknowledged veterans in the field who have earned degrees in prestigious schools both in the Philippines and abroad.


If you are a non-Filipino living outside the Philippines but need to spend time doing OJT in a country with one of the most alive media industries in the world, consider enrolling in the Visiting OJT of The Manila Times College.  We offer practical experience in writing, editing, designing, printing, and marketing of a newspaper.  We have a staff of veteran and senior writers and editors, who can help you fulfill the requirements of your university.


3rd Floor, Sitio Grande Building, 409 A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines


Telephone: (63)(02) 5245665 local 114

E-mail: themanilatimescollege@gmail.com