Jump start your career at The Manila Times College!

Read your byline in the newspaper. Hear your voice on the radio. See yourself on TV. Become a confident professional, even before you graduate.

The Manila Times College School of Journalism is the only school that:

  • works in partnership with a prestigious broadsheet, The Manila Times, trusted since 1898
  • is run by professional media practitioners
  • offers on-the-job-training from Day One
  • allows you to learn from the country’s top journalists 
  • provides opportunities for you to publish and broadcast your work, locally and internationally
  •  makes sure that you graduate as a pro!

Under the leadership of veteran writer and educator Dr. Isagani R. Cruz, The Manila Times School of Journalism is quickly becoming the most innovative and responsive center of journalism education in the Philippines.


16 thoughts on “Jump start your career at The Manila Times College!

  1. Hi, do you have a program for non media professionals who didn’t finish college? I work in the BPO industry and seriously want to pursue a career in journalism. I would like to learn more about junior college and senior school and find out which of them fits me.

    Also, how much is your tuition fee?

    Thank you!

  2. i plan to take up journalism in college and i saw your webpage am just wondering, how many units are there in one semester

  3. Pleasant Day!!!!
    I was a graduate of Mindanao State University, CUM LAUDE. I really wanted to take-up Journalism. Which of your programs fits for me? Please send me Admission form and the Procedures of Enrollment.

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